Made using only the finest malt extract malted on site and mashed to create fresh wort, which is then gently reduced to liquid malt extract by a world-class malting company. It starts with selected plump, cool-climate barley world-renowned for making the best-flavoured beer. The full, fresh-wort flavour of the malt is retained using a unique, gentle process at low heat to only remove the water. As master maltsters – they are the malt experts the breweries go to. Brick Road brewing ingredients are the finest available so you can enjoy building your own unique recipes brick by brick.


Extra Dry (Low Carb Lager, TED style)
Enjoy this clear, fresh Extra Dry extra cold. Brick Road Dry Lager malt is already hopped to the perfect level. Just add 1 packet of dry enzyme to make this lager extra dry. Use the yeast under the lid, or if you can control the fermentation temperature at 12-15 degrees, you can add an extra packet of lager yeast. Simply mix with 1kg of dextrose or sugar, and add quality water to achieve your desired ABV. Beautiful!
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Australian Pale Ale (150 Lashes style)
Our take on James Squire 150 Lashes. Brick Road Gold Lager malt is already hopped to the perfect level for this delicious Pale Ale. Use the yeast under the lid, or use an extra packet of clean Ale yeast. Mix with 1kg of Brick Road Extra Light DME and Dry hop with 25g Amarillo. Top to 21L for approx. 4.2% ABV. Old school good.
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Coffee Bourbon Stout
This rich, decadent coffee bourbon stout is a real treat. Sure to please, the dark roasted malts from the American Power along with the Brown Ale are smoothed out with creamy dextrose, and topped off with delicious Tennessee Bourbon and vanilla. Use the yeast under the lid, and add an extra packet of Ale yeast.
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