Muntons Recipes

Muntons Cedars Maltings produce some of the finest malts in Europe of many British and European breweries.  European beer is distinctly-malt-forward, so using the right malt is important to achieve the original styles.  Here are some recipes for popular European beers.
Irish Stout (Guinness clone)
If you love the balanced smoothness of Guinness' rich bitterness balanced with malty sweetness in a medium-bodies refreshing and satisfying Irish Stout, then you'll love this Muntons version made with the finest roasted British malts.
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Nut Brown Ale
Nut Brown ale has a deep rich biscuit flavour with cocoa, caramel notes from the Munich malt, and earthy hop aromas. This highly sessionable thirst-quencher is extremely satisfying,
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Yorkshire Bitter
Enjoy this full-bodied amber beer, with caramel malt flavours and fruity, earthy hop aromas, reminiscent of a pint at a Yorkshire pub.
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Vienna Lager
If you love the toasty malt sweetness balanced with medium hop bitterness of a Vienna Lager, then you'll love this Muntons version with Vienna malt extract.
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