Winter Beer Recipes

There is nothing better than a darker malty beer to get you through the cooler winter months.  Brick Road have a wonderful range of darker beers made with some of the best roasted malts you can get.  Here are some of our most popular recipes to warm the cockles of your heart!
Imperial Porter
This full-bodied dark, malty Imperial Porter is a truly satisfying beer with caramel and cocoa sweetness balanced by a medium hop bitterness.  Optional: add 100g of Simcoe dry hop for a resinous hop aroma. Brew to 23L; 6.6% ABV; Colour, black, 98 EBC; Bitterness, medium, 27 IBU.
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Ruby Red Ale
This easy-drinking brown beer bring many toffee and caramel flavours with the medium-toasted malts.  Finish with 30g of local or English hops for that old-school pub pint experience. Brew to 23L 4.3% ABV; Colour, ruby-red, 33 EBC; Bitterness, low-medium 20 IBU.
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American Porter
This rich, dark American Porter brings toasty, chocolate and toffee notes from the roasted malts.  Dry hop with 30g Chinook, and up to 50g of Cascade, Citra or Columbus for resiny, earthy aromas. 23L; 6.1% ABV; Colour, black, 96 EBC; Bitterness low-medium 22 IBU.
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Craft Red IPA
This Craft Red IPA will satisfy your tastebuds. Brick Road Craft Columbus Red IPA malt is already hopped to the perfect bitterness level for this malty, hoppy IPA, and comes with 30g of Columbus for dry-hopping. Use the yeast under the lid and add an extra packet of S-04. Mix with 1.5kg of Muntons Maris Otter liquid malt and dry hop with the 30g of Columbus under the lid plus 30g Galaxy, 30g Mosaic and 30g Citra. Top to 19L for approx. 5.8% ABV.
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Coffee Bourbon Stout
This rich, decadent coffee bourbon stout is a real treat. Sure to please, the dark roasted malts from the American Power along with the Brown Ale are smoothed out with creamy dextrose, and topped off with delicious Tennessee Bourbon and vanilla. Use the yeast under the lid, and add an extra packet of Ale yeast.
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Irish Stout (Guinness clone)
If you love the balanced smoothness of Guinness' rich bitterness balanced with malty sweetness in a medium-bodies refreshing and satisfying Irish Stout, then you'll love this Muntons version made with the finest roasted British malts.
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Nut Brown Ale
Nut Brown ale has a deep rich biscuit flavour with cocoa, caramel notes from the Munich malt, and earthy hop aromas. This highly sessionable thirst-quencher is extremely satisfying,
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