Our Craft range was developed for lovers of craft beer. Each kit contains dry hops carefully packed in notrogen-flushed foil to keep them fresh. Plus yeast to suit the craft beer style, and detailed individual brewing instructions under the lid of each can. Experiment and enjoy the world of craft beer styles from our range, and feel free to build your own recipes, brick by brick. On the can you can choose extra hop additions, alternate yeast optiouns and pick which recipe and ABV you’d like for your own unique beer.


Mexican Cervesa (Corona style)
Drink this light, refreshing lager with a wedge of lime, and service ice cold. Brick Road Gold Lager malt is already hopped to the perfect level for your Mexican Cervesa. Use the yeast under the lid, or if you can control the fermentation temperature at 12-15 degrees, you can add an extra packet of Lager yeast. Simply mix with 1kg of Brick Road Extra Light DME, add 15g of Citra hops and top up to 19L with quality brewing water for approx. 4.8% ABV. Super refreshing!
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Coffee Bourbon Stout
This rich, decadent coffee bourbon stout is a real treat. Sure to please, the dark roasted malts from the American Power along with the Brown Ale are smoothed out with creamy dextrose, and topped off with delicious Tennessee Bourbon and vanilla. Use the yeast under the lid, and add an extra packet of Ale yeast.
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Hazy Pale Ale (Birds Eye style)
A tropical fruit platter of mango, pineapple and stone fruits. Made with wheat malt, lactose and tropical hops, this super-juicy Pale Ale will bring paradise to your lips. So quick and easy to brew with Brick Road - around 40 minutes prep time.
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