You can brew almost every beer style in the world with a combination of Brick Road kits, malts and hop additions.  Start with the easy recipes on tha can, or move to more advanced recipes.  the best thing it only takes a few minutes – not hours – because half the job is already done for you! Browse popular recipes here.
Pacific Ale

Australian Clone Recipes

Pacific Ale (Stone and Wood style)
Big tropical fruit aromas come from the Citra, Galaxy and Motueka hops, combining with light malts give this Pacific Ale a super-drinkable palate. Brick Road Pacific Pale Ale malt is already hopped to the perfect level. Just add Brick road Extra Light malt and the hops. Use the yeast under the lid, or add an extra packet of clean ale yeast. You'll definitely be brewing this again!
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New Zealand clone recipes

Super Charger APA Clone - Craft
This big APA has a strong malt backbone to support its huge-hopped flavours with big American C-hops; Citra, Centennial and this version has Cascade with the can, plus Simcoe.
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International clone recipes

Mexican Cervesa (Corona style)
Drink this light, refreshing lager with a wedge of lime, and service ice cold. Brick Road Gold Lager malt is already hopped to the perfect level for your Mexican Cervesa. Use the yeast under the lid, or if you can control the fermentation temperature at 12-15 degrees, you can add an extra packet of Lager yeast. Simply mix with 1kg of Brick Road Extra Light DME, add 15g of Citra hops and top up to 19L with quality brewing water for approx. 4.8% ABV. Super refreshing!
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Popular beer recipes

New England Pale Ale (Status Quo style)
This top Australia craft beer is famous for its floral, tropical flavours and juicy, hazy appearance. Brick Road Hazy Pale Ale malt with wheat is already hopped to the perfect level. Just add 1.5kg of Brick Road Extra Light malt and 300g lactose to bring the creaminess and some amazing hops. Use the yeast under the lid, or add an extra packet of fruity English Ale yeast. Dry hop with Centennial, Cashmere, Mosaic and Citra for those amazing flavours. Fruity deliciousness!
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Winter beer recipes

Imperial Porter
This full-bodied dark, malty Imperial Porter is a truly satisfying beer with caramel and cocoa sweetness balanced by a medium hop bitterness.  Optional: add 100g of Simcoe dry hop for a resinous hop aroma. Brew to 23L; 6.6% ABV; Colour, black, 98 EBC; Bitterness, medium, 27 IBU.
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Muntons recipes

Irish Stout (Guinness clone)
If you love the balanced smoothness of Guinness' rich bitterness balanced with malty sweetness in a medium-bodies refreshing and satisfying Irish Stout, then you'll love this Muntons version made with the finest roasted British malts.
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10/12.5L recipes

Classic NZ Pilsner 10/12.5L (Emersons Pilsner Clone)
New Zealand Pilsner style was first created by Richard Emerson. It is a lighter version of a European Pilsner, with a malt base designed to showcase the NZ hops. The distinctive fresh, fruity flavours of Riwaka, Motueka and Nelson Sauvin hops are the highlights of this refreshing beer. enjoy with fish and chips on the beach.
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